Indiana Religious Freedom License to Discriminate

Indiana Open for Discrimination? INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The outrage over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration act signed last week by republican Governor Mike Pence has now spun virally from social media into traditional STATE licensed old media outlets. However, I am remiss … Read More

#$@&%*! We’ll Do it LIVE!

Beginning Monday, July 7th, 2014, WGRR-DB will merge with Truth Be Told Media and make history by becoming the first talk-station whether terrestrial AM/FM or Internet to begin broadcasting LIVE-only (Liberty-oriented) shows round-the-clock Mondays through Fridays. Thus, while this may mark the end of working with Mr. Nystrom, I remain forever grateful for the opportunity, and highly anticipate what he will do next. Further, he has agreed to forward the Daily Paul Radio domain so as to ease listeners into the transition to the new station and on-demand archives.

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