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Robin Koerner is a British permanent resident of the USA, political and economic commentator for the Huffington Post, the Daily Paul, the Moderate Voice and other sites. He is best known for coining the term “Blue Republican” to refer to liberty-loving liberals and independents who joined the GOP in 2011/12 to support the presidential campaign of Ron Paul – something he strongly urged them to do based on his philosophy that the people have more in common despite partisan talk-points, which seek to divide. Due to Robin’s tireless effort, Blue Republican has evolved into a much broader movement of non-dogmatic liberty-curious people from all over the political spectrum, looking to find common ground in the fight for liberty, peace, and the Constitution. State chapters of Blue Republican are currently established across the United States, with additional organizations joining the momentum each month. In addition to his time on air and promoting unity through his work with through Blue Republican, Robin is increasingly consulting to the numerous liberty organizations and candidates in order to help them focus on winning supporters to the cause, rather than the one-off arguments, to wit result in little gain.

Robin is also the founder and publisher of, an organization of over 300 volunteers dedicated to translating and posting news and views about the USA emanating from the foreign press across the globe.

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Liberty with Love with Robin Koerner on Liberty Talk FM - Show LOGOLiberty with Love with Robin Koerner focuses on long form discussions and interviews derived from a variety of guests across the political spectrum, who share the common focus of winning supporters in lieu of arguments. As founder of the Blue Republican movement, Robin believes the former far outweighs the latter.

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