Will Bitcoin Make New Lows?

Will Bitcoin Make New Lows? - CryptoInvestor [x]
Original air date:  July 08, 2018

Matt Demeter on Liberty Talk FM

BY: Matt Demeter, Host
PUBLISHED: July 08, 2018


Bitcoin has Plenty of Room for the Upside But Another Dip is Possible





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Matt is a technophile and former microbiologist that invests in disruptive technologies. His interests led him to Bitcoin in early 2014, when he began building his position in cryptos and began the first online crypto investor research service later that year. Matt has continued that work as the portfolio manager of CryptoInvestor[X]. Matt is also an expert market technician and has spent the past decade developing the proprietary methods used in CIX’s investment strategy.Matt’s prior experience includes eight years in money management where his audited returns exceeded S&P returns by over 10-fold. Prior to his work in the investment field, Matt worked for seven years with New England BioLabs in the areas of DNA restriction enzyme discovery and cellular aging research and he authored scientific publications in those areas. Matt earned his BS in Biology and Genetics from Duke University.