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LibertyTalkFM FaviconLiberty Talk FM features the best voices in the Liberty Movement; broadcasting LIVE talk radio via streaming internet, listen by phone, and on demand podcast archives. We simply Love that through the beauty of technology and many sleepless nights coding, that we are able to offer to our listeners a liberty-centric line up to counter the old-media talking heads who through the protected market provided by the FCC, six corporations (maybe five very soon) now control over 95% of what we read, see and hear.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it seems quite clear indeed, that over the last 100+ years since the U.S. Government forced its way into media under the guise of “protecting the airwaves”, i.e. Net-Neutrality 1.0 if you will, the large media conglomerates via lobbyists and direct appointments to the Federal Communications Commission have managed to create for themselves an oligopoly wholly insulated from actual competition or upstarts, until now.

As in the end, the call for STATE licensing is merely a form of restricting those “not in the big club” from entering the market. The STATE’s allergy to Liberty abounds via attempts to shut down Uber and Lyft as each annihilate long-established taxi cartels, the Supreme Court destroying Aereo who offered “public airwaves” broadcast of television to mobile devices, or post DMCA copyright, turning artists into sharecroppers as corporatists craft yet another royalty scheme granting more for them and less for the actual talent.

Because let us be honest, news, conversation, discussion, and dissent all are forms of Free Speech & Press, thus the foray into regulating speech via the Radio Act of 1912 and later the Federal Communications Commission was simply how the U.S. Government side-stepped the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, so it could “protect the public from too much radio interference.” [Read: competition]

Let Freedom Stream

Thus, how exciting is it to be alive to witness the crumbling STATE losing its grip over the freedom of mankind? So tune in, share the station with a friend and please know that should the imperial U.S. government ever attempt to shut us down, we stand ready to have multiple mirrored servers around the globe ensure the message of Liberty continues to stream.