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Allison Bricker is a lifelong political junkie, having worked on political campaigns at the local, statewide, and national levels.

It is her view that the U.S. Constitution is the most eloquently written attempt by humanity to date, designed to restrain a government. However, even in its beautiful simplicity, the document, as witnessed by the current reality of American life whereby the central government decrees authority to assassinate & indefinitely detain American Citizens without evidence/trial, torture [read: NDAA of 2012], endlessly spy, molest any/all who travel, hands authority over monetary policy and the currency to a private central bank, succinctly illustrates the document failed to stop the relentless onslaught of Authoritarians who seek to rule over a free & peaceful people.

However, perhaps said criticism is more aptly directed towards both ourselves and our ancestors in failing to properly exercise the eternal vigilance demanded to keep the small cabal of tyrants that have in a myriad of ways sought to enslave and reduce the Liberty of humanity throughout the ages.

The lens of history is clear, the greatest advances in Human Liberty have been birthed by those brave souls who refused to follow repugnant violent laws, i.e. slavery, civil asset forfeiture, PATRIOT Act, REAL ID, Jim Crow, and the Drug War. Whether the underground railroad now through to today, it remains ever wise to not confuse law & morality as one in the same.

When not relishing in an opportunity to converse with the many thoughtful voices in the Liberty Movement, she regularly cheer-leads and advocates for individuals to withdraw consent, creatively circumvent, and peacefully nullify the sociopaths in Washington, which she regularly refers to as “The District of Criminals.”

About The Allison Bricker Show

Allison Bricker Show on Liberty Talk FM - Show LOGOThe Allison Bricker Show, strives to bring the audience the best and brightest voices in the Liberty Movement. Allison’s interviews follow a casual conversational style rather than a rigid question and answer.

However, at the same time she is not one to shy away from asking the tough and perhaps uncomfortable questions, when such are germane to the discussion.

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Allison Bricker hosts the Late Night Liberty Revival here on LibertyTalk Wednesdays from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm Eastern. The Late Night Liberty Revival features encouraging rockin’ tunes, some light banter, and positive news as it relates to peaceful Human Liberty. The Allison Bricker Show originally aired from 2013 through 2014 and featured interviews of some of the best and brightest in the Liberty Movement. You may access the original show’s archive via the On-Demand link. Due to licensing constraints, there are no archives of the Late Night Liberty Revival, so be sure to tune in LIVE each Wednesday evening.