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The Divinia Difference: Water’s Connection to Health

The Divinia Difference: Water's Connection to Health

Original air date: October 01, 2022

The Divinia Difference: Water's Connection to Health

BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: October 01, 2022

How Can Water Make a Difference?

Mr. Steven Sedlmayr, inventor, scientist, author and the founder of Divinia Water, joins Dr. George to discuss how water is integral to health and what makes Divinia different.

About Steven Sedlmayr

The Divinia Difference: Water's Connection to Health

Early on, Mr. Sedlmayr worked for Martin Marietta in theoretical mathematics and space flight mechanics (he was 16-17). He became interested in mathematics and math algorithms. He also worked for a company called ARF electronics where he worked on antennas and emitters in high frequencies. Later, he started a company that did instant replays and scoring in arenas, which led to the development of a large screen display with fiber optics that used a laser projector that he invented, built, and developed. It was the forerunner of the hang-on-the-wall displays for televisions today. He developed a coherent light source from lasers and also from a new design of reflector, which is used in many optics today, including telescopes.

After selling his inventions, during retirement he decided to invent a better water purifier. The technique relied upon produced a strange new water that behaved differently. After noting the differences, people who were drinking it reported better health. It was discovered that the water acted differently near a hydrophilic surface and it was confirmed after testing that was the 4th phase of water and was deuterium depleted.

Steven has written a book about water and human digestion and what role water plays in the digestive tract, including the pH of water.

With all this testing accomplished and new knowledge gained, he is turning his attention to the Shroud of Turin. He has decided with the knowledge that he has gained throughout his life through different inventions and scientific techniques, that he could lend a hand on the suggestions for the testing of the Shroud. He is currently working on writing a paper that would focus on how to accomplish this task.

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