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BitCoin Myths, Viability, and the Future of Crypto-Currencies

Myths and a general misunderstanding of BitCoin fill the threads of many a Facebook post, Twitter feed, and the blogs of many-a-Liberty Movement website. So what is BitCoin and just how does it function? Are there fees? Is it “controlled” by a few, is it a Ponzi Scheme, is it the harbor solely of murderers and drug dealers, will it ever seriously challenge the US dollar? Fortunately, Daily Paul Radio’s Allison Bricker will be joined tonight by Mr. Steven Patterson from the Foundation for Economic Education to wade in, dissect, and answer theses and many more questions tonight on her show, broadcast live at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

Have a question you would like asked tonight on the show? Simply enter it below in the comment box, and Allison will do her best to see that it gets asked during the interview.

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The Truth About…BitCoin

Bitcoin Markets (mtgoxUSD)

Graph of Bitcoin Markets (mtgoxUSD)

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Steve Patterson - Foundation for Economic Education
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Steve Patterson is a freelance video producer living in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been primarily working with the Foundation for Economic Education since 2011, and is the creator of “The Truth About…”educational animation series. Steve graduated with a degree in Political Science from Alfred University in Upstate New York, and enjoys studying chess and the martial arts in his free time.