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End the FED without Relying on Legislation?

Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of Dr. Ron Paul is in him enlightening the American people to the devious nature of the FEDERAL RESERVE. As recently as the turn of the millennium, many knew little to nothing of the FED, its history, internal workings, standard operating procedure, etcetera. However and most fortunately, the populous and especially those in the Liberty Movement, who routinely chanted “End the FED, end the FED” at rallies held throughout Dr. Paul’s presidential campaigns, are now keenly aware of how it robs us of our wealth, is root to enabling the War State, and assists in the creation of big government in general. The utter damage caused by its policies are clearly evident, whether by its inability to recognize the housing bubble, the ever-inflating prices at the grocery store, or that merely the hint it may “taper”, i.e. cease printing “free” money via Quantitative Easing, results in sell off on Wall Street.

With its 100-year anniversary approaching, now is the time to
End the FED, but how?

We have already witnessed several attempts that sought to audit the FED’s books meet major resistance at the hands of its sycophants in Congress, ultimately being watered down to a toothless piece of legislation or dying in committee. Thus, it should now be clear the legislative path is quite useless, the rules of the game rigged, with the FEDERAL RESERVE wholly worshiped by the debt addicts in power on Wall Street and Washington. Therefore, we must now look to our own ancestors who mustered the courage to resist through nullification and interposition such draconian oppressions as the fugitive slave law, the suspension of a free press, military conscriptions, and the like.

A Discussion with Jeffrey Tucker on how to End the FED
Photograph by: WikiMedia/DickClarkMises
Jeffrey Tucker is the author of several books, one of which is “It’s a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes” available for in both paperback and PDF from the Mises Library.

Of course, while resisting such acts were surely difficult and required major intestinal fortitude, I can hear you dear reader as I type, wondering, just how the heck are we supposed to nullify money, you know the stuff we use to purchase everything, counterfeiting is illegal, is this not impossible?

Indeed, this path will be far from easy, and we may witness several setbacks, but rarely is anything of value ever obtained cheaply or without struggle. The struggle as Mr. Douglass so eloquently wrote is a necessary part of progress, even if our desired progress is a counter-revolution to the bloodless coup of 1913.

As such, the path is now before us to break free from the centralized scheme run by the money trust, to wit has left many eking by paycheck to paycheck, working multiple jobs sans benefits, and choosing best how to split said meager, ever-devaluing wages between food, housing, and utilities. Therefore, I do hope you will join me this evening on The Allison Bricker Show as I welcome author, editor, and Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education, Mr. Jeffrey Tucker as we explore if by BitCoins and other crypto-currencies we can End the FED, by ignoring the FED.

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Allison Bricker is a lifelong political junkie, having worked on political campaigns at the local, statewide, and national levels. It is her view that the U.S. Constitution is the most eloquently written attempt by humanity to date, designed to restrain a government. However, even in its beautiful simplicity, the document, as witnessed by the current reality of American life whereby the central government decrees authority to assassinate & indefinitely detain American Citizens without evidence/trial, torture [read: NDAA of 2012], endlessly spy, molest any/all who travel, hands authority over monetary policy and the currency to a private central bank, succinctly illustrates the document failed to stop the relentless onslaught of Authoritarians who seek to rule over a free & peaceful people. However, she feels perhaps said criticism is more aptly directed towards both ourselves and our ancestors in failing to properly exercise the eternal vigilance demanded to keep the small cabal of tyrants that have in a myriad of ways sought to enslave and reduce the Liberty of humanity throughout the ages. Thus, when not interviewing the best and brightest voices in the Liberty Movement, she regularly cheer-leads and advocates for individuals to peacefully withdraw consent and nullify the sociopaths occupying “The District of Criminals,” ergo D.C.