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Project Zodiac Whistleblower Reveals Entity Behind Fort Wayne Data Center Land Grab

FORT WAYNE, IND – A whistleblower inside Allen County government unhappy with the opaque manner in which the county and the City of Fort Wayne are attempting to ram through a secretive land grab in service to building a data center code-named ‘Project Zodiac’ has revealed the entity behind this latest insult upon the People. Further, our staff reached out to the county planning department as well as the Fort Wayne city attorney requesting the precise legal statutory authority relied upon in keeping this information secret, however neither office has responded as of publication of this article.

John F. Kennedy Quote on Secrecy

According to the whistleblower inside the county, the company that is seeking to build a datacenter encompassing 892 acres that required annexation of land stretching into New Haven is none other than Google, the same company presently being sued by the Department of Justice over monopolistic practices[1] and that helped the Chinese Communist Party build a censored search engine in service to the CCP’s social credit system.[2]

Project Zodiac Data Center Will Drain the City Founded at the Confluence of Three Rivers Dry to the Bone

Therefore it now becomes ever more clear as to the secretive nature of Project Zodiac. According to Google’s own document:

“In 2021, the average Google data center consumed approximately 450,000 gallons of water per day.”[3]

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Fort Wayne

Google of course refers to this guzzling up of a natural resource as “sustainable’ however, if their data centers are so ‘green’ then why hide from public scrutiny when Google’s Ben Townsend, head of Infrastructure and Water Strategy is on record stressing the importance of being transparent? Well because as is so common these days, their words are mere lip service designed to hoodwink a public kept in the dark unto the trope of ‘public/private partnership,’ which was historically defined as Fascism, i.e. the merging of corporate & state power.

Speaking of power… for a city with persistent ‘unknown cause’ power outages in conjunction with an ageing above ground electrical grid, Forbes reports that Google data centers as a whole, consume 12.4 terrawatt-hours annually, which absurdly eclipses the total energy use of several countries.[4] Thus, should you or a loved one utilize at home medical devices requiring consistent electricity, now may be a good time to purchase a stand by generator, if you might be so fortunate as to be able to afford a ~$10,000 outlay in addition to the ever rising cost of fuel, groceries, and utility bills.


Further adding stink to this deal cut in the shadows is the deafening silence relating to how many permanent new jobs Google’s behemoth data center will provide. At present Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry has given no concrete numbers outside of some temporary jobs during the construction phase of the project.

Fast Track Bamboozle

Next Project Zodiac Scheduled Meeting: 5:30p.m. – Monday 20 November 2023

Fort Wayne Plan Commission: 200 East Berry Street (Room 35), Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

In addition, the receptionist indicated there will be NO public comment allowed.

Perhaps it has occurred to you as it has to this journalist, how a government supposedly serving the People offers conflicting times/locations and chooses to cram multiple meetings between the city & county into one day as well as scheduling said meetings during uncomfortable and unreasonable times such as 9:00am, when actual residents are largely preparing for work, getting the kiddos off to school or 5:00pm when most are arriving home from first shift. Well dear reader, any attempt at explaining such here would pale in comparison to the precisely beautifully succinct articulation offered by the late-great George Carlin (NSFW & timestamped for your convenience):

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