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Health Care Costs Distorted Higher by Government

Government Distorts HEalth Care Costs Dr. Craig Wax - Medicine On Call
Original air date: January 18, 2020
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BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: January 18, 2020

Red Tape Not Free Market to Blame for Rising Costs?

On this week’s episode of Medicine on Call with Dr. Elaina George of Peachtree Wellness Center in Atlanta, welcomes  Dr Craig Wax Founder of Independent Physicians for Patient Independence joins me to discuss the inner workings that drive the high costs of the our health care system. Why is our healthcare system broken – it’s not because of capitalism and the fee market.

Hegelian Dialectic = More government medicine to “fix” prior government failure of ObamaCare that was itself supposed to “fix” previous government health care intervention. 

As Democrat candidates seeking their party’s nomination for president, propose more government will fix the last government health care debacle of ObamaCare via a socialist “single-payer” scheme known as Medicaid for All it is now more important than ever the truth of ever-high health care costs is exposed so doctors and patients may make the best decisions for their future care, which if quality, cost, and timeliness is important, will require folks to peacefully nullify and go around the one-size-fits all garbage offered by the federal government.

About Dr. Craig Wax

Dr. Craig M. Wax DOCraig M. Wax, DO, is a family physician that practices family medicine &health through prevention. He is a tireless advocate for the patient-physician relationship and free-market health care. During his esteemed career, he has served on the U. S. Congressional Subcommittee, National Physicians Council for Health Care Policy. In addition, he served on the Medical Economics Journal editorial board. He is also a talk show host and executive producer for “Your Health Matters,” on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS – FM  since 2002. Dr. Wax was honored by the Society of Professional Journalists of Philadelphia with an SPJ award for his ability to make complicated matters simple to understand. He began HealthIsNumberOne.com, a free public information source on health in 1999.

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Dr. Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology, received her Master’s degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.