5G: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

5G: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Original air date: August 21, 2021

5G: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: August 21, 2021

How 5G Affects Your Health, Privacy, and the Environment

Mr. Bill Cadwallader, MBA, EMRS a certified radiation specialist, joins Dr. George to discuss the dangers of 5G and smart devices. He provides tips to stop dirty electricity. Indeed, there are simple solutions to help protect yourself in your home and office.

As a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Bill has completed advanced studies in Electromagnetic Radiation. Accordingly, he detects and reduces all of the electromagnetic radiation threats. This includes threats to your home, family, children, environment, and even pets.

Prior to consulting in electromagnetic radiation, Bill became concerned about the amount of radiation people were being exposed to in their daily lives. He knew something was very unsafe about the way people were using their cell phones and other electronic devices. After another acquaintance developed a tumor in his abdomen, right where he held his tablet every night to read, he knew he had to do something.

To this end, as a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Bill provides onsite EMF inspections. Moreover, he provides remediation. So far, he works in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Southern California and phone and Zoom consulting worldwide.

About Mr. Bill Cadwallader

5G: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Bill Cadwallader is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Also, he is one of the International EMF experts featured at the International EMF Health Summit. Bill is the author of Exposed – The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself – Includes Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices and Co-Author of Quick & Easy EMF Guide – 99 Tips to Lower Exposure to Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation. Additionally, he has presented multiple times at the Annual Cancer Convention, the Doctors Symposium in Los Angeles, and has taught at the Building Biology Institute. He serves as a coach for Building Biology Institute’s Apprentice Program.

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