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Congress Continues to Strip Our Freedoms (Continued)

Congress Continues to Strip Our Freedoms

Original air date: November 6, 2021

Congress Continues to Strip Our Freedoms

BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: November 6, 2021 

Government Overreach Continues via bill in Congress

Lynne Taylor, an education consultant also known as The Common Core Diva, educator, speaker, and author joins Dr. George to discuss the government and how the Infrastructure bill winding its way through Congress is not about infrastructure but control of children and through them society.

Taylor revisits Living in the Solution to re-emphasize that Congress and our government does not have our best interests at heart. Bills get passed under the guise of helping us when, in fact, they do the opposite. Want to find out who benefits from the bill? Follow the money and figure out who benefits. More than likely, it’s not who you think should benefit.

About Lynne Taylor

Congress Continues to Strip Our Freedoms

Lynne Taylor has been the Common Core and National Standards in education warrior since 2009. She is a recognized speaker, author, researcher, and podcaster who brings truth with a smile and a jar of applesauce! Be sure to listen to her podcast on Thursdays mornings. Like Common Core Diva on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter for more updates and insight from a passionate advocate for youth and all humanity.

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