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Controlling Coronavirus Narrative to Whom’s Benefit?

Controlling Coronavirus
Original air date: February 15, 2020
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BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: February 15, 2020

WHO is Controlling Coronavirus Narrative; Cui Bono?

As attempts at controlling Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to make headlines around the globe, Chief Toxicologist, Dr. Joe Nieusma of Superior Toxicology & Wellness joins the one and only Dr. George for this this week’s episode of Living in the Solution to sit down and separate fact from fiction, so that you can have the power to make an informed decision as to your and your family’s health care not only in a potential pandemic but also practical steps you can take on an everyday basis to improve your overall health and wellness.

Doctor Nieusma begins by speaking to the path that led him to his present private practice, spanning his work initially in the late 1980’s with Dow Chemical in Midland Michigan, to wit led him to conducting mechanistic research in pursuit of his PhD, which then landed with him working for the generic division of the Swiss multi-national pharmaceutical corporation Novartis.

However, after six years working in corporate America, he realized that despite his upbringing where he was taught to speak his mind, the corporate mindset often preferred that which would sound best to shareholders & the board in lieu of an honest assessment of his findings.

As such, Dr. Nieusma’s background & experience working both in chemical and pharmaceutical industry provides insight to the long term effects of pharmachemical exposure and how today’s side-effect end up being prescribed as tomorrow’s drug therapies.

Thereto, he speaks to how the specific strain of the coronavirus, i.e. 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) presently making headlines has some unique characteristics that speak to some alarming trends that are coming to light  for the strain emerging from China. Moreover, this particular variant is a highly infectious variant when compared to previously seen and more common coronaviruses seen in the past. Specifically, typical strains of coronavirus are not easily spread from person to person, however COVID-19 is capable of staying asymptomatic for up to 14 days, wit the host being contagious throughout.

Further, Dr. Nieusma speaks to the likelihood that the present fatality rate of around two-percent will increase as the virus spreads and mutates across continents. As such, while he has seen no evidence to substantiate the theories the virus has been tuned to more readily effect those of Asian descent or was originally smuggled out of a lab, what he can say as a toxicologist with 30 plus years experience is that COVID-19 does appear to possess markers that allow it to be aggressively transmissible between people.

Is China Really Using HIV Medication for Controlling Coronavirus Symptoms & Treatment?

Again based on Dr. Nieusma’s multi-decades experience, he states that it is simply standard practice for pharmaceutical industry to effectively audit their entire repertoire of drugs during any outbreak of a new disease and to run a battery of tests against their entire product line so as to root out the most effective treatment in the shortest possible time in order to break the transmission pathway by any possible means. 

How to Best Protect Yourself & Loved Ones from Being Infected by Coronavirus

Dr. Nieusma shares some practical ways in which you and your family can help to protect yourself from becoming infected with COVID-19 or any other types of more standard viruses. To hear him breakdown the most effective steps on controlling coronavirus exposure you and your family can take, this portion of the discussion takes place approximately 23 minutes into the episode.

About Dr. Joe Nieusma

Controlling Coronavirus Dr. Joe Nieusma PhDDr. Joe Nieusma, PhD is the CEO and chief toxicologist at Superior Toxicology & Wellness, an international scientific consulting company involved with toxicology research and environmental health & safety solutions.

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