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Coronavirus Origin Narrative Failing as Even CNBC Questions Validity

The Coronavirus now renamed COVID-19 in service to political-correct hysterical claims of “racism,” has stock markets and much of the globe on edge. As the world approaches the two month mark since the Communist Chinese government initially relayed to the World Health Organization notice of several cases of a rare pneumonia cropping up in the city of Wuhan, faith in the CCP’s credibility is wearing thin following the Chinese Health Ministry reporting wildly different infection, recovery, and fatality rates, over the course of the last two-days. In fact, even mainstream media anchors are beginning to question the true origin of the coronavirus.

On Thursday of this week, longtime CNBC anchor Joe Kernen co-host of SquawkBox discussed with Chinese Bureau Chief and Senior Correspondent Eunice Yoon on whether Coronavirus orgin stems from bioengineered strain that escaped the level four lab located in Wuhan, which of course is the epicenter of the outbreak.

Unfortunately, Ms. Yoon proffered the now debunked trope that the disease started in a wet market located in Wuhan, but alas the more they try to spin, the further the narrative dissolves.

Old-Media Given Pass to Question Coronavirus Origin While Alt Media Deplatformed?

Astute readers of the alternative press will remember just two-weeks prior the financial tech news site ZeroHedge rated as the fifth best “value investing blogs of 2018” by Forbes was the latest to fall victim to Silicon Valley’s suppression of news that questions the status quo and banned the site’s account on Twitter simply for publishing a timeline of events of the coronavirus origin, including the “Help Wanted” ad placed in November of 2019 from the Wuhan laboratory seeking PhD virologist candidates familiar with both public relations as well as genetic manipulation of viruses whereby symptoms could lie dormant for extended periods of time.

The ban was of course initiated by one of Twitter’s Blue checkmark Social Justice brigadiers, Mr. Ryan Broderick who works for the notorious & shameless fake news site Buzzfeed. Mr. Broderick claimed ZeroHedge had “doxed” the Chinese scientist by publishing the State-owned laboratory’s public telephone number. Apparently, Mr. Broderick is either ignorant to the definition of what it means to dox, i.e. purposefully publishing private contact information of an individual with the intent to cause harm, or simply wished to see a competing site smeared & deplatformed, as surely government telephone numbers of public government officials cannot by any reasonable estimation be considered doxing.

<p>Coronavirus origin story leads to <a href="" title="Ryan Broderick Buzzfeed Profile" target="_blank">Buzzfeed's Ryan Broderick</a> to smear and deplatform competitor ZeroHedge. Internet then uncovers his perversion as someone who wanted former President Obama to legalize Hebephilia, i.e. adult intercourse with 11 to 14 year-old children. Super gross.</p><p>The pervert quickly deleted his tweets once discovered, but fortunately <a href="" title="Racism and Pedophile “Jokes” – A BuzzFeed Reporter’s History of Vile Tweets" target="_blank">Mike Cernovich archived his vile fetish to prevent total obfuscation.</p>
Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Broderick who lied to get financial blog ZeroHedge deplatformed from Twitter asks former President Obama to legalize sex with adolescents.

However, as the internet generally takes a dim view on lying tattle-tails, it was soon revealed that Ryan Broderick has a penchant for underage girls between 11 to 14, and is so dedicated to his fetish of hebephilia that he publicly asked President Obama to decriminalize sex with pre-pubescent minors, whilst on his Tumblr profile it was revealed he opined about his desire to become an erotic children’s photographer. Moreover, as is standard practice of those wishing to hide their debauched depravity of wanting to have sex with children, Ryan Broderick opted to remove the evidence once his fetish was brought to light. Fortunately, Mike Cernovich wisely archived the posts prior to Broderick’s ability to delete the tweet from Twitter.

Thus, as the old adage goes, one only takes flak when they are over the target, and the sheer amount of pushback, renaming of the virus, admittedly fluctuating numbers posted by the communist Chinese government, the truth behind COVID-19 is a narrative the globalist status quo seeks to control, even if they have to employ depraved hebephiles to smear those who question their sanitized talking-point tropes.

Help Prevent the Truth of Coronavirus aka COVID-19 from Being Memory-Holed

Prolific video blogger Styxhexenhammer666 recently shared an absolutely low-effort brilliant manner in which to hedge against miscreant Marxist malcontents from whitewashing history. In the video featured below, he recommends using an internet archive service, which creates a non-editable snapshot of any URL fed into their system for review at a later date. Certainly, a worthy arrow to keep in the quiver for any alt media researcher or journalist.

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