Crop Circles and the Power of Carbon 60

Crop Circles and the Power of Carbon 60

Original air date: June 18, 2022

Crop Circles and the Power of Carbon 60

BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: June 18, 2022 

Seeing the Potential in Crop Circles

Patty Greer, an award winning musician, filmmaker and public speaker, joins Dr. George to discuss the power of the unseen realm and crop circles.

About Patty Greer

Crop Circles and the Power of Carbon 60

Crop Circles

Patty Greer is an award-winning musician, documentary filmmaker and public speaker. She received 8 prestigious awards for her films about Crop Circles and has toured across the USA and Canada sharing her documentaries and speaking at UFO events. She’s the first filmmaker to deliver the real science discovered in the lab of William Levengood and Penny Kelly. Additionally, she has documented the UK Crop Circles.

After many years of study, Scientist William Levengood concluded that spinning counter-rotating plasma vortices coming out of the earth created Crop Circles! ETs, the military, nor lasers are not responsible for making real Crop Circles. More importantly, they discovered in the lab that the seeds inside Crop Circles could grow 30-400% more food and biofuel per plant, with up to 75% more nutrition per seed! Subsequently, after constant testing and re-testing, they discovered that they could re-create the technology making Crop Circles with a “charge density plasma machine.” Ultimately, this could assist humanity to bring our organic food supply back!

Subsequently, Patty shares Levengood’s scientific discoveries in her final film, “Crop Circle Diaries” ( Unfortunately, the authentic UFO field was infiltrated and the data was neutralized beginning around 2016. Many intelligent people got hurt in mysterious ways. Moreover, some people even died and nobody seemed to notice. Greer was wounded during this dark period so she left the UFO field forever. She completed 8 documentary films that finally delivered the real science of how Crop Circles happen. Her films are available on DVD or Stream here:

Carbon 60

More currently, Patty Greer is a founding partner and CEO of C60 Evo where she’s been instrumental in delivering evolutionary healing products to the C60 industry since 2019. Patty and her partners Chris Burres and Robert Wong offer pure C60 “ESS60” to the public, which is the purest Carbon 60 you can buy. Previously, Chris and Robert invented the C60 reactor 31 years ago to produce Carbon 60. They were the originators and sold to research institutions around the world for decades.

Patty faced a challenging health recovery which led her to discover the incredible benefits of taking ESS60 daily. Patty had an immediate positive reaction. As a result she made it her mission to partner up with the lab and share this incredible discovery with the world! C60 EVO delivers powerful and effective organic edible oils, an advanced facial serum, and lip renewal balms infused with ESS60. Testimonials have been consistently excellent because the products make a noticeable difference that people & pets definitely love! 

[Crop Circle Films – Buy or Rent her Films][C60 Evo – Purchase Healing Products] 

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