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As a Democrat, President Trump Wins if Only Legal Votes Counted

Supreme Court Must Only Allow Legal Votes

I am a Democrat who supports re-electing Donald Trump because I appreciate that he did so much to help America’s working people in his first term. I still support Trump and still want him re-elected.

I am not an expert in constitutional law. But I can read and reason. Here are some ideas that I hope will spark positive results to accomplish the re-election of Donald Trump.

The U.S. Constitution requires that elections follow rules enacted by state legislatures. When state election officials certify the results of an election, they are certifying that the election was conducted according to rules made by the state legislature in compliance with the federal constitutional requirement.

If the state officials defied and disobeyed the federal constitutional requirement that the election obey the rules enacted by the state legislature, then certification of the results is impossible. This is especially true if the state officials cannot or will not separate and not count ballots cast in disobedience to the rules enacted by the state legislature. If the state legislature did not authorize sending ballots to voters who did not request them, then all those ballots are illegal because they do not follow the state’s election laws as required by the federal constitutional mandate.

I suggest that the words and deeds of the state officials who refused to follow the state election laws be used to prove their violations and deliberate destruction of honest vote counting. If they mailed ballots to people who never requested them by a request for an absentee voter ballot, and persisted to count those votes in defiance of state election rules, then the state election officials proved their defiance and disobedience of both state election rules and the federal constitution’s demand for such obedience. Their words and deeds can be proven by news reports, election instructions to subordinates, disobedience of court orders, destruction of evidence, and other things. All you need to prove is their willful defiance and disobedience to show that the election results from that state cannot be trusted or certified because of the noncompliance. They swore an oath to support the U.S. Constitution but their behavior and words prove that they conspired to disobey. Neither they, nor the election results they offer, can be trusted.

The remedy is for the Supreme Court to declare that the ballots cast as a result of the state officials’ disobedience must be separated from the ballots cast lawfully. Then, count only the legally cast ballots. Including a count of illegally cast ballots would cheat and dilute the rightful value of votes cast legally. Cheating in elections should not be tolerated, allowed, encouraged, or rewarded. If the discarding and discounting of illegally cast ballots cannot be done, then the remedy is to declare that no election results can be certified and that the state shall have no electoral college representatives for this election.

This would mean that neither Biden nor Trump would get a majority of electoral college votes. In such a situation, the U. S. Constitution requires that the House of Representatives shall elect the President with the delegation of each State casting one vote. I understand that 30 of the 50 states have a Republican majority in their respective delegations. If that is so, then Donald Trump would be re-elected by a 30 state to 20 state majority in the House of Representatives. This provision of the U.S. Constitution has been used several times in our country’s history to settle presidential elections.

Any member of the U. S. Supreme Court who would not vote to enforce the federal constitutional requirement that elections follow the rules enacted by the legislature of each respective state would be violating the duty under oath to protect and defend the constitution and would become a co-conspirator with the disobedient state election officials who violated both the federal constitutional requirement and the election laws of their state.

  • Biden supporters are shouting, “Count every vote!”
  • Trump supporters should be shouting, “Follow every rule!”

I am a former elected Democratic Party precinct committeeman. Many times, I have greeted people at the polls and observed the voting process. The Democrats and Republicans manning the poll in my precinct worked together to follow the rules and allow people to cast ballots honestly.

In this election, many people violated election laws to help Biden. That is the real problem. We should not count every vote because not every vote was cast honestly or legally. We should count only the votes that were cast legally. Otherwise, faith in the legitimacy of elections and public officials will be destroyed. Our country needs the constitutional mandate to follow election rules enacted by state legislatures to be respected, honored and enforced.

Northwest Indiana

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