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Gov. Kristi Noem Stymies George Stephanopoulos’ Conspiracy Theory of No Vote Fraud

No Vote Fraud To See Here, Despite Legal Affidavits, Recounts, and Pending Litigation to the Contrary

Throughout the COVID hysteria, Republican Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem has stood out as a true patriot of the Republic, refusing to dictate economy-crushing statewide lock downs, anti-science mask mandates, or sub-dividing residents of the Mount Rushmore State into Orwellian-like categories of “essential” -v- “non-essential.”

On Sunday, during an appearance on ABC’s This Week, hosted by radical-left & former Clinton spin agent, George Stephanopoulos, Governor Noem exhibited grace, poise, and posited facts to dismiss the FCC licensed media’s trope that there is “No widespread fraud” levied against President Donald Trump during the 2020 Presidential Election. STATE approved FCC licensed media is under intense pressure after opting to arbitrarily declare Joe Biden, President-Select, despite numerous states having still not certified the vote and several with Electoral College implications that would once again deny Joe Biden the presidency taking him below the required 270 needed to secure victory.

This left George visibly miffed as seen below in the video segment of her appearance,

This is premature … we have not finished counting votes’: South Dakota governor | ABC News on YouTube

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  1. Teresa

    Yes. This is awesome. Truth will prevail.