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Why are Gas Prices High When Crude Oil is Trading at Lows?

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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: August 17, 2015

Todd opens this episode of The Bubba Show discussing the partial shutdown of a BP Oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana, located just outside of Chicago that is now causing consumers to pay higher gas prices similar to when Crude Oil was trading at nearly double the current price on the market. In addition, Bubba comments on his trip to New York City and his position pertaining to issues Americans are experiencing as the Chinese government devalues the Yuan to wit may portend global consequences unto a new race to the currency bottom.

Thereafter, Todd introduces Bill Whittle who speaks to the failure of Republican party leadership and its effect on the 2016 presidential race. Bill believes that had party bosses demonstrated competence in doing their job and opposing the Obama administration, the candidacy of Donald Trump would have already come and gone in lieu of millions of Americans supporting the bombastic candidate whose unfiltered commentary has already indicated should he not receive the Republican nomination, he will be happy to consider running as an independent, to wit by prognostications from Republican strategists, indicate such a move would surely hand the election to Hilary Clinton.  ills guest comments on how average Americans are now so sick of politicians that someone who is an outsider is reflecting their feelings that politics must move in a different direction.

Bill comments on the directions societies are moving today. He believes that we are living in an era of unlearning. He cites an example of a young man in his twenties who believes that that we never landed on the moon forty six years ago, because if we could have done it then we would have been back to revisit it using modern technologies. Bill cites the lack of a unified effort to learn.

Bill and the trifecta hosts discuss how Carly Fiorina stacks up against other candidates. They comment that although she is far back in the pack right now she has been handling herself well when she is allowed to get her message out. They make a joke about what MSNBC would do if the Republicans ended up with a ticket of Mario Rubio and Carly Fiorina. They conclude the show by praising Fiorina as an outsider.


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