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New Medical Study: Your Face Mask Is Not Protecting You

The long-awaited medical study from Denmark examining the ability of face masks to protect people from coronavirus was finally published on Wednesday. Fortunately, there are still some cracks through which information challenging the follow the pseudoscience torrent can emerge. Through one of these cracks, this study providing evidence counter to the propaganda dominant in media and government communications has been able to reach public view.

Providing good news for people suffering through wearing masks, and bad news for the politicians and businesses pushing the uncomfortable, dangerous, and dehumanizing dress code, the newly released medical study indicates face masks are not protecting people from coronavirus.

Daniel Horowitz provides some description of and context for the new medical study in an article at the Blaze. In the article, Horowitz also addresses some of the ways mask wearing harms people’s health. Read Horowitz’s article here.

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