Mental Psychology of Creating Financial Health

The Mental Side of Creating Financial Health - Medicine on Call
Taking personal responsibility for debt is the first step to creating financial health. Today Christine Lane joins Dr. George to discuss strategies to your personal finances.Original air date: September 28, 2019

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BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: September 28, 2019

Student Loans, a Major Factor Why Some Give Up on Financial Health

Ms. Christine Lane the owner and founder of Mind Over Money joins me to discusses strategies that she has developed which promotes “a mental game plan” to help achieve financial health, creating a stable foundation for both mental and physical well being.


About Christine Lane

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Christine has a lifelong passion for personal finances. She has a Master’s degree in psychology and started her career as a corporate trainer/instructional designer. An Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) she works with individuals providing plans, guidance, education, and accountability.

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