Starbucks’ ‘Open-Access’ Policy May Cost Taxpayers

For more than a decade, Starbucks has branded itself as a liberal company that MSNBC viewers can support. This careful posturing, though, was not enough to shield the company against accusations of racism after staff called the police on two African-American men sitting at a table without making a purchase.… Read More

A Cheap Alternative to Braces Leaves Orthodontists Craving Regulation

Braces are a burden. People have to miss work, arrange for child care, and travel to the orthodontist office over the span of a two to three years. Teens have to cut classes and ditch those after-school events to make room for appointments.… Read More

Addiction isn’t Solved by Incarceration

Roughly, two-thirds of incarcerated Americans suffer from a drug addiction, yet only 11 percent will receive any treatment at all. By focusing on the individual as a “criminal” instead of a person with dignity, high rates of recidivism, or relapse into criminal behavior after incarceration, seem to be the norm.… Read More

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