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Why We Need Financial Literacy in the United States

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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: May 21, 2015

Improving Financial Literacy

Bubba speaks with Yoda and Backpack on a new show on the leading edge radio network by Striker. He has a background in law enforcement and was a professional golfer and goes by the code name striker. Yoda comments on Bubbas high school program and his energy level. Striker agrees and said he can’t wait to have Bubba on his show.

Bubba talks about trading and comparing it to games that have odds and probabilities. He maintains that it is the same in any form of life. He said that there is a 100% of another market collapse this time won’t be different; it is just a matter of time when it will happen. Striker comments on how Oil is involved in many products, Bubba agrees and believes that this is a segment many people don’t understand.

Bubba explains how hedging works. You give up some percentage of upside potential to ensure that the downside will not cause a collapse in your portfolio. He explains that you don’t have to worry about market timing in this case because you are always guarding against unknown risk. Bubba explains why you need risk capital to enter the market. It cannot be money to pay the mortgage or the kid’s education, the fear will cause you to lose.

Bubba talks about how financial literacy in the U.S. is lacking and if you don’t start at an early age you will get off on the wrong path.
Bubba comments that social security in its current form cannot possible work. It needs to be changed to meet the current times and life expectancies. You can’t change it for people close to retirement so you must change the law. He comments on the mess of the U.S. postal system. 


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Todd Horwitz began his career in the financial industry as an option market maker at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange in 1982 and was one of the founding traders in the SPX pit. He is an active member of the am currently a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.