Has Oil Reached Its Top?

Has Oil Reached Its Top? - The Bubba Show
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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: October 21, 2016

Price manipulation can only go so far

The best comedy on TV was the debate on Wednesday night, that was until Thursday when the networks started reporting the results. The liberal media claims Hillary won handily, some reported Trump as the clear winner. Bubba wants to know when will someone just tell the truth and quit with all of the crap. Bubba feels the news outlets think we are stupid and cannot think for ourselves, more importantly they try to steer us to their candidate of choice.

Bubba gets started on the big banks and hedge funds as he discusses what the banks are pulling on the hedge funds, forcing them to give them business by withholding lending. Sounds like blackmail to Bubba, of course the hedge funds are in no position to argue because their results have been horrendous the last few years and many have closed. This is just another sign that the system is failing.

From the big banks, we move to big oil and the fairy tales they are spinning now as crude is up near its high. There is talk about Russia, OPEC and every other source of oil and traders are buying into it as if oil was free. Bubba feels the top of oil is in and that 40-dollar oil is coming back soon. Price manipulation can only last so long before there is a failure. In the supply demand model, this activity has happened for years and this time will be no different.

Bubba is rolling now as he rails about the debt that is being created all over the world. Debt is always one of the main reasons markets fail, eventually the debt cannot be satisfied and the system fails. Bubba explains the problem that at some point the ability to pay back collapses and business starts to fail. Bubba tells investors not to panic, but to be mentally prepared and explains how they can eliminate their risk by learning to hedge their portfolio. Bubba’s last thoughts to investors is no matter what you decide, do not panic or be tricked by the unscrupulous.

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