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Market Bubble Primed for Sell Off

Market Bubble Primed for Sell Off - The Bubba Show
Original air date:  February 24, 2016

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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: February 24, 2016

Market Euphoria Signals End

On today’s show, Bubba does some teaching, while also breaking tradition and calling for a top in the markets. Bubba talks to listeners about setting goals and understanding how to manage capital in the markets, explaining that the markets are a competition and that you, as a trader, are competing with other traders.

Bubba talks about the important things to learn first when becoming a trader or investor; Patience, discipline, and money management. Trading is a skill and learning that the markets leave footprints is the key to success. Basically, all you need to do is follow the footprints and you will create a higher probability.

Learning market psychology is also very important when trading and investing without getting trapped by old news. When news is reported, it is impossible to trade from that information because its old by the time you’ve heard it, and the big firms have already acted on that news. Emotions are the one thing that must be controlled for you to be successful in the markets.

Bubba talks about the stages and phases of the markets, asserting that the markets are now in the stage of euphoria which is always the end of markets. Traders never believe until it’s too late and they have lost all their money, but this time is no different. Bubba calls this a bubble and it will pop like all others in history.

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Todd Horwitz began his career in the financial industry as an option market maker at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange in 1982 and was one of the founding traders in the SPX pit. He is an active member of the am currently a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.