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Sheldon Richman: Voting & Political Satire

Is Political Satire Dead in America - Allison Bricker Show

The Death of Political Satire in America?

Sheldon Richman, Vice-President of the Future of Freedom Foundation speaks with Allison Bricker about voting and the lack of hard-hitting political satire in contemporary America as part of his article detailing the melodrama over John Stewart’s failure to vote in the midterm elections.

Original air date: November 14 , 2014

Excerpt from Sheldon Richman’s “The Political Sterility of John Stewart” as featured on Reason.com…

Throughout history, satirists have risked their liberty and even their lives using humor to engage in deep commentary about the reigning political system and its exalted political figures—they’re called leaders, though surely better terms are rulers and misleaders. But no satirist risks his life or liberty in America today, which makes the scarcity of good satire so puzzling. Is it fear that keeps it safely limited? Or is it simply that so few people today can see the fundamental flaws in the American political system, which trashes liberty in so many ways? [Full Article on Reason.com]

3 Responses

  1. Hiawatha

    You libertarians sound like real selfish bitches crying about children not working like slaves sorry you dont like voting or America. Leave already and go whine in another country.

    • Ernest Martinson

      It would be nice to cast a meaningful vote for a Libertarian Party. As it is, most people restrict themselves to voting Democrat or Republican, both parties endorsing more government in practice. Both government parties endorse partial slavery to the government through the taxation of labor and capital.
      It is the American government that takes away freedom. This freedom can be taken from you, no matter the country you flee to. Does not the American government occupy much of the world? Spend nearly as much as the rest of the world on the military? There is no escape from the National Security State. It is a drone thing. Scratch that. I meant a done thing.

      • Hiawatha

        so you could all smoke pot and buy hookers. Sorry pal while you hit your bong maybe you didnt notce but there are people trying to attack this country. your priorities is why no one wastes time voting losertarian.