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Trading Earnings Season - The Bubba Show
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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: July 13, 2016

Making the Best Use of the Options Model

On today’s show, Bubba welcomes back Damon Verial who writes for Bubba and Damon spend the day talking about the options model and how to make the best use of options in trading. Bubba asks Damon about some of the courses he offers to students as well as his new master course. Damon tells Bubba about his courses and how they benefit traders.

Bubba and Damon discuss the upcoming earnings season. Damon explains that there are many different ways to trade earnings season and he has a program that details the expectations from different companies and matches the proper trade to go with them. The two talk Starbucks and what the expectations are for Starbuck’s earnings this season.

Damon explains the Greeks and what to watch for, while Bubba explains that the Greeks have value but can be explained by time and movement. Bubba and Damon agree that keeping the model simple is the most important part of trading options. Bubba asks Damon how market expectations play into his earnings analysis.

Everyone can be successful in trading as Bubba explains that trading is a skill that can be learned and people should not be intimidated by the options model or the market. Bubba and Damon go on to discuss volatility and how it effects the price action in markets. 

About Damon Verial 

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Damon is Professional Gap Trader and algorithmic trader. He was the founder of the hedge fund marketing firm HedgeSys. He’s also an Applied Psychologist with an interest in helping businesses use consumer psychology in marketing and thinks that people should remove themselves from social media. His debut book was the 2011 Quit: How to Kick Your Facebook Addiction in 21 Days, followed in 2014 by the novel Surviving Tacoma.

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