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What do Astrological & Stock Charts Have in Common?

What do Astrological and Stock Charts Have in Common?
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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: July 08, 2016

Bubba Welcomes Astrologist Maralyn Burstein.

Today The Bubba Show goes to the stars as Bubba welcomes Astrologist Maralyn Burstein. Bubba starts out asking Maralyn to tell the listeners what she does as an Astrologist. Maralyn talks about her training and explains that she is versed in 4 different styles of Astrology. 

Bubba goes right at Maralyn, asking, if she can see the future why doesn’t she play the lottery? Maralyn calmly explains that astrology is not the final answer, but a tool to use to help guide you through treacherous waters. Maralyn compares the astrological charts to stock charts explaining that the charts are there to help you navigate through choppy waters. 

Maralyn shares some of her recent predictions. She accurately predicted the mess in China among other correct predictions. Maralyn admits that forecasting through Astrology is no different than using technical analysis as the idea is to guide you through the markets. It is not a 100% full proof probability. Maralyn also expresses her disappointment in the chop shop, fly by night astrologers explaining that is not her objective. 

Bubba and Maralyn talk about what her charts are currently showing and Maralyn stresses that she saw the first Lehman crisis and is seeing a similar pattern now. The bottom line, as Maralyn explains it, is that faith and repetition make astrology work not magic dust and the crooks who try to lure in the unsuspecting. Maralyn believes in life’s journey and destiny and uses the astrological charts to guide her.  


About Maralyn Burstein

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Maralyn is an analyst who uses her expertise in four different astrologies-many traditional to describe large trends, character delineation and the future.

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