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Yoda & Backpack Denounce Iran Nuclear Treaty

Yoda and Backpack Denounce Iran Nuclear Treaty

Editor’s Note: LibertyTalk.fm wholly disagrees with the opinions, conjecture, and pro-war talking points, put forth by the guests, Yoda & Backpack featured in today’s episode of The Bubba Show. Nevertheless, it is not the policy of this station to censor content of shows broadcast or or made available via on-demand podcast download. As such, the interview is presented in its entirety. – Allison Bricker

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BY: Todd Horwitz, Host & Senior Contributing Analyst
PUBLISHED: July 23, 2015

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Bubba talks about the tragedy of the four Marines that were killed and introduces Backpack and Yoda to get their take on the murders. Yoda is extremely critical of President Obama’s reaction to the to the killings and the manner in which he addressed it as a lone wolf and refuses to acknowledge the fact that ISIS and other terrorist groups are now infiltrating our borders.

Yoda and Backpack talk about the Iran deal and how Obama has chosen to go to the U.N. to get approval instead of addressing the U.S. Congress. They compare him to Neville Chamberlin who was the prime minster of Great Britain that signed the Munich accord that allowed Hitler to run over Europe. They believe that over time that this deal with Iran is even worse and that you cannot deal with terrorists. Iran is not going to stop unless someone stops them.   

Backpack and Yoda express frustration with the way they believe that Obama sees his legacy. What happens when Iran decides to light up Tel Aviv? They introduce a letter from a retired Major General in which he denounces the Iranian regime as one that sponsors international terrorism and he believes when they get the bomb that they may not use it themselves, but rather outsource it to a terrorist group that will.

Yoda and Backpack discuss when they think that Iran will have the bomb. They believe that as each day goes by it gets closer. And the more we release sanctions on Iran and they are able to collect income he worse it gets. The discuss how Obama and Kerry were so weak in their negotiations that the treaty is a virtual blue plan on how to create and distribute a bomb.        


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