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Holcomb Forced to Backtrack on Second Statewide Shutdown

Issues Revised Targeted Response After News of Second Lockdown Goes Viral

INDIANAPOLIS – A visibly annoyed & agitated Eric Holcomb held a Coronavirus press briefing on Wednesday, which began with an attempt to dispel news of a second statewide shutdown that went viral the day prior. He continued by taking a page of out of George Orwell’s 1984, offering up what can easily be perceived as an absurd veiled threat designed to intimidate the Free Press, stating Stephen Cox & the Indiana Department of Homeland Security will be monitoring social media for “rumors.”

Odd given that the agency’s own overview indicates they are empowered to conduct emergency planning, first responder training and fire and building safety, i.e. not a peep about agency being tasked to ensure the STATE’s Narrative be unchallenged or policing social media. Even odder still  their primary duty appears to have been handed off to military personnel via the Indiana National Guard, which are in process of being deployed to all ends of the state, because you know sending military to nursing homes and introducing new persons to the most at risk population is precisely the “wise” action to take during a supposed pandemic. 

As such, instead of returning the entire state to an earlier stage, Governor Holcomb opted to try to save face unto what he calls a “personalized” “surgical” response that will see local health departments tasked with enforcing guidelines, assisted by a full compliment of state resources, again proffering the deployment of the Indiana State Department of Homeland Security to ensure compliance of the local targeted population. It should be noted, that IDHS is run by an un-elected bureaucrat, that was arbitrarily granted the power alongside Dr. Box to utilize the Indiana National Guard, to remove Hoosiers from their homes for quarantine via Executive fiat EO-20-04 back on the sixth of March and thus presently lacks any legislative oversight in toto.

Seemingly Bewildered Press Pool Asks Questions Receives Non-Answers

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Indiana County sees voters peeling off from Holcomb despite voting for President Trump and instead cast their ballot for Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater. 


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