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President Trump: Please Pardon Edward Snowden to Defeat DEEP STATE Coup

Dear Mr. President:

Hello, my name is Allison Bricker, a Hoosier high school graduate, now closing in on my fourteenth year as an entrepreneur and small business owner, with my current endeavor being by far my favorite to date. I am just a gal who loves Liberty and whose definition of American Exceptionalism or “Make America Great Again” as you coined, derives from the indomitable independent spirit of one pulling themselves up by their bootstraps until those who persevere push through to success, and not by imposition of an omnipotent centrally-planned surveillance state hellbent on perpetual war & fomenting domestic division.

You stood before the nation on January 20, 2017 victorious and spoke that America would be returned to the People. Indeed, by the twisted expressions of the Political Class all seated behind you, their anger unmasked & laid bare: it was wholly obvious that you shook the DEEP STATE to their rotten core and they were already scheming to double-down on seeking revenge.

Deep State Frederick Douglass power concedes nothing without demand Quote

Now less than one month later, the DEEP STATE and its shill propagandists continue to attempt destroy the hard-won victory of unseating them, certainly at least for the first time since President Eisenhower, who during his farewell address issued the dour warning regarding the Military Industrial Complex. Moreover, we see they persist in waging campaigns of obfuscation and lies hoping to divide the People against or entice the world to further tumble into a larger war footing. It is plainly & painfully obvious; the DEEP STATE is all in attempting to wrest back the reins of power. Further, that in the 227-year presidential electoral history of this country, you are the first not to hail from the Political Class, which is illustrative as to their imagined belief of an absolute entitlement to power.

Mr. President, may I suggest, that in order to root out the vipers of the DEEP STATE entwined throughout the U.S. Government: pardon Mr. Edward Snowden post haste, for he is the key to providing a map of meaning and counter to the DEEP STATE’s desire to reignite cold war hostilities between the United States and Russia. Their depravity and lust for war simply must be excised in toto, and Mr. Snowden is a patriot to the cause of Enlightening the People as to the unconstitutional surveillance apparatus imposed. In addition, his bravery is a net positive for anyone who professes Love of Liberty & the Bill of Right’s proclamation as to the absolute Natural Right of the People to be free from all government intrusion without warrant and probable cause.

Mr. Snowden sir, is the smartest man in the room when it comes to understanding the totality of the DEEP STATE’s tentacles as well as its Achilles Heel. It is not unreasonable by my estimation, that his bravery shall be remembered by Patriots as the Twenty-First Century equivalent to Paul Revere. We need you sir to lead, and Mr. Snowden is the abject antithesis to the Straussian Neo-Conservative & Neo-Liberal wings of the WAR party who for far too long contrived to impose a direct tyranny upon the People and sell-off our labor, our substance to the lowest bidder, and whom will stop at nothing to see you removed and one of their own injected to re-occupy the White House.

You have said you always look to surround yourself with the best, and his demonstrated bona fides do indeed illuminate his Einstein-like intelligence. He knows sir, where all the DEEP STATE’s bodies are buried.

I realize, you have in the past called him a traitor, nevertheless, you have already shown your thoughtfulness when presented with the full context of a situation, such as with Secretary “Mad Dog Mattis” speaking up against torture, as well as the wise choice of rejecting Straussian Neo-Conservative Elliot Abrahms’ the failed Iraq War architect, as potential Deputy Secretary of State.

Mr. Edward Snowden witnessed firsthand what happened to those who used Approved DEEP STATE channels to expose government overreach and corruption. Please recall that the initial release of documents published by the Guardian, were less than three-months after then Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper lied under oath before the cameras to Congress and the American People stating ‘no:’ intelligence officials did not collect data on Americans. Mr. Snowden revealed to reporter Glenn Greenwald point blank, from his computer within the intelligence services, he had the ability to listen in on the communications of any federal judge, politician, or American at will.

If you want to stop the leaks from the DEEP STATE moles sneaking around your administration, he is the man for the job.

Please sir, at least consider seeking the wise counsel of former Representatives Ron Paul (R-TX) and Dennis Kusinich (D-OH) who spoke bravely & publicly as to the DEEP STATE’s End Game, or perhaps whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg who through calling attention to The Pentagon Papers in 1971 exposed the Johnson Administration “systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress” in order to drag the United States into the Vietnam War. A war, which cost over 200,000 American lives. Let not one more American be drafted or radicalized into fighting a war based on lies foisted upon the People by the DEEP STATE.


Allison Bricker
Founder & President

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Allison Bricker is a lifelong political junkie, having worked on political campaigns at the local, statewide, and national levels. It is her view that the U.S. Constitution is the most eloquently written attempt by humanity to date, designed to restrain a government. However, even in its beautiful simplicity, the document, as witnessed by the current reality of American life whereby the central government decrees authority to assassinate & indefinitely detain American Citizens without evidence/trial, torture [read: NDAA of 2012], endlessly spy, molest any/all who travel, hands authority over monetary policy and the currency to a private central bank, succinctly illustrates the document failed to stop the relentless onslaught of Authoritarians who seek to rule over a free & peaceful people. However, she feels perhaps said criticism is more aptly directed towards both ourselves and our ancestors in failing to properly exercise the eternal vigilance demanded to keep the small cabal of tyrants that have in a myriad of ways sought to enslave and reduce the Liberty of humanity throughout the ages. Thus, when not interviewing the best and brightest voices in the Liberty Movement, she regularly cheer-leads and advocates for individuals to peacefully withdraw consent and nullify the sociopaths occupying “The District of Criminals,” ergo D.C.