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Beer and the Art of Libertarian Compromise

Blue Republican with Robin Koerner primer on compromise and beer with Zak Carter

Is Compromise a Cardinal Sin amongst Libertarians?

Zak Carter returns to the show to discuss the hallowed American institutions of Football, alcohol, and Robin’s new article “A Primer on Compromise for Libertarians.” Strangely enough looking back in American history, one imagines imbibing libations was also a pivotal piece to the equation of what is known as Franklin’s Great Compromise, aka The Connecticut Compromise of 1787.

Ben Franklin ambassador of compromise, Quote on Alcohol with Source unlike spurious beer quote
Unlike the often cited yet spurious beer quote, Ben Franklin was nevertheless convinced of Divine Providence as it relates to alcohol.

During the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, originally convened to amend the Articles of Confederation, the assembly was at a standstill with factions formed between the Virginia Plan proposed by Edmund Randolph, whereby all states received equal representation in Congress, and the New Jersey Plan offered by William Paterson, which called for equal representation regardless of population.

While Rand Paul has yet to officially announce his intent to run for President in 2016, the debate over his bona fides and whether Libertarians can trust him has been raging prior to the end of his father’s campaign in 2012.

Original air date: December 13, 2014

Excerpt from A Primer on Compromise for Libertarians

Whereas to many outside the liberty movement, including the mainstream media, politicians like Rand Paul seem quite libertarian, many Americans who actually call themselves “libertarians” seem to despise Rand Paul for not being libertarian enough in various areas, and so they call him a “neo-con” or a “shill” or similar. [Full Article at Huffington Post]

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