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Original air date: September 02, 2017

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BY: Robin Koerner, Host
PUBLISHED: September 02, 2017


I’m excited that in this episode, I can finally share what has been keeping me so busy these last few months…


One of the reasons America has never seen serious tax reform (1986 included) is that those advocating for it have typically approached taxation as an end in itself, ignoring the fact that it is a means to another end the provision of public services. For good or ill, taxes exist to solve real problems, and people rely on the services that tax fund.

A tax revolution has to be a public-services revolution for the better if it has any chance of making a long-term improvement to the lives of Americans.

As many Americans know, public services of acceptable quality are not available to everyone who needs them. This is largely a result of a tax system that eliminates accountability by guaranteeing revenue for the providers of those services, even when the services fall short in quality or accessibility.

This makes victims of both the people who don’t receive the services that they need and of those whose money is wasted in their provision.

Our moral commitment to improving each other’s lives transcends any ideological commitment to a particular method of doing so.

There are already multiple ways of providing most public services, and the only one involves taxation. Indeed, most human welfare is provided not by the state, but by charities and companies or, in other words, by We the People.

Right now, in every community in America, there are organizations, groups, and people that already Do Better in providing public services.

The new incarnation of the Tax Revolution Institute (TRI), for which I act as the Marketing Director, is called We Do Better. We Do Better works to identify organizations in local communities across America that Do Better in providing services; help those who need their help get in touch with them, and direct more resources their way. To do so, WDB is supporting local Do Better groups to identify and work with NGOs, charities, and companies that provide public services in their areas.

We Do Better will obtain data concerning the impact of the services provided by local organizations to promote and spread best practices.

Once members of local communities know where to go for the help and services they need, Do Better groups will begin to generate support for, and to pass, the Universal Charitable Credit (UCC). In the spirit of Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit, this legislation allows each taxpayer to direct up to five hundred tax dollars to any qualified nonprofit in the state that is providing the best human outcomes for the resources it deploys.

In every other area of life, when we want to improve the ends, we look at the means. The We Do Better movement simply applies that common sense to public services. The ends are the well-being of people and we are identifying and growing those means that already perform best in providing for it.


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Robin Koerner is British-born, and recently became a citizen of the USA. A decade ago, he founded WatchingAmerica.com, an organization of over 200 volunteers that translates and posts in English views about the USA from all over the world. Robin may be best known for having coined the term “Blue Republican” to refer to liberals and independents who joined the GOP to support Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency in 2012/12
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