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Fools to Protest Net Neutrality Repeal on Thursday

Net Neutrality is Protection Racket for Old Media

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, fools lacking any context of history in addition to being utterly devoid of critical thinking faculties, will gather nationwide funded by George Soros & Co.1 to protest the Federal Communications Commission 2 voting to potentially repeal Net Neutrality. Whereby anyone with a memory longer than a goldfish 3 or an IQ above 70, realizes so-called “net neutrality” regulations were put in place just two years prior in 2015 during the Obama Administration, and lest you were living under a rock: please rest assured the internet hummed along like a well-oiled machine. Sure, there were and still are rural & sub-urban areas where some are relegated to using a dial-up modem or worse Comcast, nevertheless Netflix streamed, Amazon Prime delivered, 4-chan trolled, Redditors still debated, and we were all afforded the opportunity to witness an explosion of small independent media. Thus the threat of repealing “Net Neutrality” and erasing this first encroachment into “authorizing” regulation of the internet as a “public utility” is what presents the greatest danger to the radical authoritarian Marxists seeking to control public discourse & opinion.

“Net Neutrality is to “free & open internet” as PATRIOT Act is to patriotism.”

The Ruse of the Broadcast License

net neutrality old media octopusThe reality is that Net Neutrality is just the contemporary attempt by old-media conglomerates whose former executives reside within the innumerable departments, bureaus, commissions, etc. to maintain the century-long ability to be the mouth-organs of STATE in exchange for a protected market in which to profit, free from upstarts, innovation, and competition. Think: “Fairness Doctrine” for the 21st Century and the picture becomes painfully obvious. It is no accident, the FCC was formed using the crisis of the Titanic & blaming too many small radio operators, as justification for the scam of a “need” for licensing of the “public airwaves.” The proliferation of small & varied outlets for news, art, and discussion made it difficult for the STATE to easily propagandize the American people in times of war, or lull the working population into accepting a life of wage theft via Income Taxation.

The FCC: Anathema to the Principle of the First Amendment

Moreover, the FCC just by its existence is an attempt to end run the principles embodied by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Generation knew well, again thanks to historical context, the dangers of emboldening bureaucrats to “license” speech and mass communication, which at the time of the Great Secession from Imperial Britain was a requirement that all printed works contain the “Royal Seal.” Those who seek to control thought & speech must excise any and all who would dare question or oppose the absolute supremacy of the omnipotent STATE. Moreover, it is precisely due to the licensing of public airwaves, that over the past century, six corporations were able to stamp out competition and achieve a market share of 90% plus of everything read, seen, or heard.

Thus, that while taking in to account that newspapers were the only form of mass communication at the time of the founding of the American Republic, the principles enshrined therein serve as a warning to ever affording sycophants of STATE to in any manner, restrict, license, or curtail the glorious gift of conversation, whether one on one or en masse. Lies are revealed, understanding is gained all through this very human-gift of conversation, debate, and speaking one’s truth, which took literally hundreds of centuries to secure. To surrender any ground within the realm of speech, consciousness, or worship, to bureaucrats with clipboards & red tape is every bit as dangerous to liberty as providing the government with a monopoly on firearms. Without the ability to speak truth to power it becomes ever easier to hide the abject murderous in the millions failure of the totalitarian trifecta of Socialism, Communism, Post-Modernism witnessed in the Twentieth-Century. And this my fellow fugitives from the Federal Plantation, is a threat the authoritarians cannot abide.

Therefore, such becomes even more crystal clear when one examines the current attacks on freedom of speech across universities in both America, and Canada. Whereby Post-Modern Marxist radicals are utterly impotent when their vacuous ideas are challenged with objective reason, groups such as Color of Change and others funded to the tune of $196 Million dollars by George Soros, are working in concert to attempt to stifle the unregulated criticism of their Orwellian-Doublespeak philosophy, so they may usher in their great utopia of oppression-free “equality” where there is no freedom of speech, dissent, or discussion just perfectly obedient disarmed neutral-brainwave tax cows.

Net neutrality pbs-scared-of-comments-on-youtube-videos free speech
Utterly shameful: Publicly subsidized PBS is so afraid of debate they by default disable comments from their YouTube videos. Finely illustrating the arrogance of STATE-backed media.

Indeed, ceding such to these miscreant morons is precisely how you end up with a university and their “diversity” police smearing teaching assistant, Lindsay Shepherd with the tar of being a “racist transphobe” and having no right to confront an accuser due to “confidentiality” [read: another bedrock of Western Civilization] and that merely advocating for debate is tantamount to questioning “whether a trans student or student of color should have rights” 4 which on its face is so utterly farcical, one cannot believe such idiocy is real.

Moreover, we see the abject fear of dialogue perfectly demonstrated by PBS, who are sympathetic to Antifa’s violence 5, utilizing YouTube to spew forth drivel, forever disabling comments from their publicly subsidized STATE supremacist propaganda.

Finally, whether the so-called Net Neutrality regulations are repealed, take note that such shall not be the end for those who seek to attempt to control the free exchange of ideas across the internet or any mass communication medium available to mankind now or in the future. Thus, it remains imperative to frustrate, bypass, and fully resist all attempts at censorship proffered by the STATE, which are always of course under the guise of “fairness & equality.” A job the STATE has demonstrated throughout history, to be the worst arbiter thereof.

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