Pompeo and Haspel are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem

Before being chosen by Trump to head up the CIA, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo was one of the most pro-war Members of Congress. He has been militantly hostile toward Iran, and many times has erroneously claimed that Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terror.… Read More

An Argument Against Trump’s Tariffs

The Trump administration has announced it plans to raise taxes on Americans in the form of tariffs. On Thursday, the president promised steel and aluminum executives that he would protect them against foreign competition by levying tariffs on both metals in the coming weeks.… Read More

State of the Nation: Progressives, Conservatives, and Trump

It is as if modern American liberals and conservatives are, respectively, occupying alternative realities about how they look at the economy and culture of the country, and evaluate Donald Trump and his administration. The common element in both, however, is the existence of an intrusive and controlling government.… Read More

The War Party’s Desperate Assault On ‘America First’

How did the war on Vietnam, the First Gulf War to save the Emir of Kuwait’s oil wealth, the futile 17-year occupation of Afghanistan, the destruction of Iraq, and the double-cross of Khadafy, have anything to do with preserving “order” on the planet?… Read More

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