Ideas are the Engines of Social Change

Ideas are the most powerful engine of social change. To facilitate a rollback of the leviathan state, the creation of a bottom-up shift in the intellectual appreciation of a free society is required.… Read More

A New Idea for Universal Healthcare

Is there an answer for the government’s mess in Healthcare? Today Dr. George introduces Dr. Brian Dixon to discuss the failures of Obamacare & a new idea for a Universal Healthcare System. … Read More

The Obamacare Mandate has been Removed

Finally some progress has been made on limiting the power of ACA. Congress has removed the Obamacare mandate. What this means people wont be forced into bad insurance plans and doctors will have resources freed up to expand their business and give better quality care.… Read More

FED Gauges Market

FED’s monetary policy is crushing the market. Today Bubba talks about the FED’s failures, bitcoin, Germany’s election & United States debt continues to grow.… Read More

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