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Original air date: July 30, 2016

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BY: Robin Koerner, Host
PUBLISHED: July 30, 2016


How did Milo Yiannopoulos get Banned from Twitter?

This week, Milo Yiannopoulos got banned from Twitter. I’ve been following him for a while but never spoken publicly about him… It’s time to do so.

Milo’s approach is the opposite of mine.

I hate unkindness. While I am teaching people how not to offend but to understand others and find common ground with them, Milo dishes out the offense in spades.

But Milo is honest about what he does and is very clear about why he does it, inviting his listeners to think broadly and deeply about what he represents and is trying to achieve. That, and the fact that he is so good at getting platforms for important perspectives that are for so many reasons hidden from us and intolerable to so many people, are precisely why we should work to keep power from those who, rather than try to see the value in what he’s doing, illiberally prefer to shut him down and impugn his intent – all, ironically, in the name of a faux Liberalism, more like Authoritarianism.

In short, I don’t like a lot of what how Milo talks to and about people, or how he makes crass and provocative generalizations but, I see the need for what he’s obviously trying to do and the importance of some of the ideas he’s trying to get us all to consider, while very few other people will dare.

As a public figure, he should be judged as a whole. Of course, that takes more emotional and intellectual maturity than some people seem to have.

I discuss Milo alongside a very different – but equally important – gentleman, called Jonathan Haidt. Haidt is an academic and researcher in moral psychology, who is now doing hugely important work against the Leftist monoculture on campuses. Interestingly Jonathan used to be a progressive Democrat. His work led him to see the damage done to our society by a politically monocultural educational establishment – and caused him to have a political change of heart, too.

I discuss these two guys in one show because Jonathan and Milo are fighting the same problem in very different ways, and I am convinced that the problem they are fighting is very serious and both of them are making hugely important contributions. We need the likes of both of them.

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