Will the New DNA Swabs Really Protect Us?

Will the New DNA Swabs Really Protect Us?
Original air date: October 24, 2015

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BY: Dr. Elaina George, Host & Contributing Health Editor
PUBLISHED: October 24, 2015


The System has Taken Our Freedom of Choice and Our Civil Liberties!


Today on Medicine On Call, Dr George comments on her book Big Medicine Corporate Control How Doctors and Patients can Work Together to Build a Better System. In writing her book one of the things Dr George has learned how people don’t understand why and how the system has taken our freedom of choice and our civil liberties. She talks about the new commercial for DNA swabs and how they advertise us in to a false sense of security and in reality what is does is collect our most intimate of information putting it in a system that law enforcement can use to harass us. Its possible that the police can mistake your DNA for someone else’s and it would leave you to prove your innocents verses the system having to prove guilt. She feels giving your government our data, our blueprint to do with what they please is terrifying! We have no guarantees what they will do with it. We don’t know what insidious programs they have in store for our most precious of information. The Government has mismanaged everything it has touched and with all the corruption and failures Dr. George urges us not to let them have our DNA.



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Dr. Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology, received her Master’s degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.