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Medicine On Call with Dr. Elaina George – Full Archives

The Dangers of Government Having Access to Medical Data

Technology is getting better at helping medical professionals treat us but, is there a dark side to all this advancement? Twila Brase Joins Dr. George to discuss medical privacy & her new book.… Read More

How Patients Can Help Themselves Where Government Fails

Government has failed to provide solutions for quality medical care for the people. Today Dr. George introduces Dr. Melissa Joyner to discuss homeless vets, who wrote the ACA & what patients can do when the cost of medical care is too high.… Read More

Trading Privacy for Convenience: Medical Information at Risk

There are lots of gadgets & apps today but we never see the dangers till it’s too late. Robert Ellis Smith joins Dr. George to discuss information Privacy.… Read More

The State of Medical Care Today

Open Enrollment is coming soon and people are scrambling to protect themselves from the Affordable Healthcare Act. Dr. George talks about the state of medical care today.… Read More

Beware of the Fast Tracked Vaccine

Dr. Ileana Johnson discusses the reality of the effects of socialism from the perspective of someone who has lived under it. How will it affect our society?… Read More

How the ACA Enrollment Period Affects Everyone

Today on Medicine On Call, Dr. Elaina George examines the ACA enrollment period this year & comments on doctors being forced to take Medicare & Medicaid… Read More