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St. Patrick was British – and other interesting facts

St. Patrick was British - and other interesting facts - Liberty with Love
Original air date: March 18, 2016

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BY: Robin Koerner, Host
PUBLISHED: March 18, 2016

St. Patrick was not Irish

Recording on St. Patrick’s Day, I share some random thoughts on a diverse range of things… one of which is the fact that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. One thing I quickly noticed when I came to the US was how inaccurate are the beliefs many Americans have about the problems in Northern Ireland that were on the news incessantly when I was a kid, growing up in Britain.

On a different note, I share my unease about having to get my feet much wetter in video content production and social media, and wonder how many others there are like me out there.

But before all of that, and somewhat in the spirit of last week’s show, I talk about an article an article that I posted from the Guardian on the death of the British Queen. Bear with me: as usual, I have a reason for mentioning it. (For those who care about such things, don’t worry: it hasn’t happened yet.)




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