Homeless in Seattle

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BY: Robin Koerner, Host
PUBLISHED: May 06, 2017


Harley Lever is running for Mayor of Seattle.

He’s not been involved in politics directly before but something of a demand for his candidacy has emerged in Seattle following his work to address the related problems of homelessness and crime in the city.

He’s been on my show before, discussing his setting up the group “Safe Seattle“, with the aim of making safe both homeless people and people in with homes who have been the victims of rising crime committed by bad apples who operate among perfectly decent homeless folks.

As Harley explains on my show, the city of Seattle is spending much more on the problem of homelessness than other cities, with much much poorer results. Find out why, and hear some of Harley’s compelling, outcome-driven solutions.

Harley’s approach to improving our city seems like another example of realizing that we need to measure our compassion by the good that we do – not by the money that we send to the government. He discusses the biggest issues that face the people of Seattle right now, and how he’d like to solve them.

About Harley Lever

Harley Lever Photograph

Harley Lever is the owner of WeSprout, an internet business development consultancy firm, and founder of SafeSeattle.org. Lever is working to develop efficient and effective strategies to address the rapid rise of criminality, protect the homeless, and reduce Seattle’s wasteful and ineffective response to thee conditions.

  [Join Harley on LinkedIn]  [Harley’s Campaign Page – Here]

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