Tariffs Hurt Trump’s Supporters Especially

President Trump has been sending mixed signals about his trade strategy. In the morning hours of May 21, Trump tweeted that he would reduce his new trade barriers against China, but his Administration insists tariffs will remain and be a bargaining chip in international negotiations.… Read More

Taxes were Never Really Cut, and the Economy is Suffering for it

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the government borrowing money now doesn’t just harm future generations. It hurts economic growth in the present, the same year the money is borrowed. Every Treasury bond purchased on the open market represents a U.S. corporate bond that isn’t purchased.… Read More

Why we Learn Nothing about Trade

International trade hasn’t had a very good time lately. Encircled by Trump’s plans, by EU and China’s threats at retaliation, and by the utter failure of the WTO, international commercial relations are stymied under an increasing amount of regulations, tariffs, and restrictions. … Read More

Trump’s Tariffs won’t Kill U.S. Jobs. They’ll Create the Wrong ones

President Donald Trump has, unfortunately, decided to deliver on his protectionist campaign promises by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum. According to the New York Times, the tariff decision appears to have been the impetus behind the resignation of Trump’s top economic advisor, Gary Cohn, on Tuesday.… Read More

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