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All About Cannabinoids with Tisha Casida

All About Cannabinoids with Tisha Casida, Robin introduces Tisha Casida to discuss Cannabinoids, 2014 federal Farm Bill & Colorado Department of Agriculture.… Read More

Grover Norquist and Harnessing the Leave Us Alone Coalition

Grover Norquist: First Identify the Issue that Motivates a Voter? rover Norquist the well known President of Americans for Tax Reform, established at the request of Ronald Reagan with whom he worked speaks with Robin Koerner on this week’s episode … Read More

Non-Bio Parents: Adoption, Sperm Donation, First Amendment

n unusual but fascinating show: Robin and KrisAnne Hall discuss adoption and the morality of sperm donation. Their discussion leads them to a discussion as to whether non biological reproduction issues qualify as a First Amendment issue. This show was … Read More

Zak Carter and Immigration Crisis – Blue Republican

Zak Carter speaks with Robin who gives an update about Blue Republican Radio and the two discus Zak’s many hats as a liberty maven, and muses on the current immigration crisis. The immigration question is not a question of whether … Read More